Verônica Sayuri Nishida

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Food webs include complex ecological interactions that define the flow of matter and energy, and are fundamental in understanding the functioning of an ecosystem. Temporal variations in the densities of communities belonging to the planktonic food web (i.e., microbial: bacteria, flagellate, and ciliate; and grazing: zooplankton and phytoplankton) were(More)
The present study aimed to estimate the total dietary antioxidant capacity (TDAC) taken in by the Brazilian population. For analysis, the 36 most consumed foods in Brazil were evaluated. The foods were prepared according to their usual form of consumption and submitted to in vitro digestion. The daily intake of phenolics and flavonoids was estimated to be(More)
This work compares the phenolic contents and the total antioxidant capacity of the 36 most popular Brazilian foods submitted to aqueous extraction or in vitro digestion. The purpose was to evaluate the extent by which digestion differs from the simple aqueous extraction procedures of several food matrices. After in vitro digestion, cereals, legumes,(More)
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