Verónica Vilaplana

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This paper discusses the use of Binary Partition Trees (BPTs) for object detection. BPTs are hierarchical region-based representations of images. They define a reduced set of regions that covers the image support and that spans various levels of resolution. They are attractive for object detection as they tremendously reduce the search space. In this paper,(More)
In this paper, we address the modality integration issue on the example of a smart room environment aiming at enabling person identification by combining acoustic features and 2D face images. First we introduce the monomodal audio and video identification techniques and then we present the use of combined input speech and face images for person(More)
This paper studies the procedure to create a hierarchical region-based image representation aiming at generic image analysis. This study is carried out in the context of bottom-up segmentation algorithms and, specifically, using the Binary Partition Tree implementation. The different steps necessary to create a hierarchical region-based representation are(More)
This paper presents a technique for detecting caption text for indexing purposes. This technique is to be included in a generic indexing system dealing with other semantic concepts. The various object detection algorithms are required to share a common image description which, in our case, is a hierarchical region-based image model. Caption text objects are(More)
This paper presents a face segmentation technique that works on a hierarchical region-based representation of the image. The algorithm bases its analysis strategy on a reduced set of regions that represent the image content at different scales of resolution. For each region, a set of simple one-class classifiers that rely on different shape, color and(More)