Verónica Reyes-Meza

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Although most mammals grow up in the company of same or different age sibs (or half sibs), surprisingly little attention has been given to how relations among them might influence the development of individual differences in morphology, physiology, and behavior. Here we review evidence from our work on domestic and wild European rabbits, and more recently(More)
Many aspects of an animal's early development might potentially contribute to long-term individual differences in physiology and behavior. Here we asked whether differences among littermates of the domestic rabbit in the position in the litter huddle that they occupy during the early nest period might contribute to the development of distinct behavioral and(More)
Depression is a disease that affects a considerable portion of the world population. Severe cases of depression interfere with the common live of patients, for those patients a strict monitoring is necessary in order to control the progress of the disease and to prevent undesired side effects. A way to keep track of patients with depression is by means of(More)
Twitter is a very useful information source for diverse natural language processing tasks. Particularly, for the author profiling task, i.e., 93 Research in Computing Science 115 (2016) pp. 93–106; rec. 2016-04-16; acc. 2016-05-02 identifying demographic aspects of an author based on the text that he/she writes. Normally this problem has been solved by(More)
In this study, we present the results of classification experiments of induced dog barks in different contexts of behaviour. We applied four validation schemes to trained models in order to determine the level of individuals dependency for context classification. We did an analysis based on feature selection techniques to determine the best acoustic(More)
Altricial mammals typically lack the physiological capacity to thermoregulate independently during the early postnatal period, and in litter-bearing species the young benefit strongly from huddling together with their litter siblings. Such litter huddles are highly dynamic systems, often characterized by competition for energetically favorable, central(More)
The main goal of this contribution is to introduce a cross-platform application to learn-teach syllogistic. We call this application dasasap for develop all syllogisms as soon as possible. To introduce this application we show the logical foundations for the game with a system we call L , and its interface developed with LiveCode. 1 Introduction Syllogistic(More)
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