Verónica Montes de Oca

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BACKGROUND In low or middle income countries chronic diseases are rapidly becoming the main cause of disease burden. However, the main focus of health policymakers has been on preventing death from cancer and heart disease, with very little attention to the growing problem of long-term needs for care (dependence). Numbers of dependent older people are set(More)
UNLABELLED Migration is a phenomenon that impacts individuals throughout the life course. Particularly, Mexican elderly migrants show evidence of lifetime accumulations of the effects of migration on health conditions. OBJECTIVES Examine how the relationship between historical time and individual time explains different factors impacting the health of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of enlarged follicles, as detected by a single clinical or ultrasonographic examination, among users of levonorgestrel subdermal contraceptive implants (Norplant implants). STUDY DESIGN This was a cross-sectional study of 103 users of Norplant implants and 50 users of the TCu380A intrauterine(More)
Aspergillosis affects all types of birds; it causes the loss of specimens with high ecologic value and also leads to significant economic losses within the poultry industry. The main etiologic agent is Aspergillus fumigatus , a filamentary fungus with multiple virulence factors, such as gliotoxin (GT), which is an immunosuppressive(More)
Few data are available from middle income countries regarding economic circumstances of households in which older people live. Many such settings have experienced rapid demographic, social and economic change, alongside increasing pension coverage. Population-based household surveys in rural and urban catchment areas in Peru, Mexico and China. Participating(More)
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