Verónica I. Marconi

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The guidance of human sperm cells under confinement in quasi-2D microchambers is investigated using a purely physical method to control their distribution. Transport property measurements and simulations are performed with diluted sperm populations, for which effects of geometrical guidance and concentration are studied in detail. In particular, a trapping(More)
The formation of string-gels of dipolar colloidal particles is investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. The characteristic gelation time consistently increases as the temperature of the system increases; it also increases as the density of the system increases. This latter result suggests that the gel formation is not a simple nucleation process.(More)
Many bacterial species use flagella for self-propulsion in aqueous media. In the soil, which is a complex and structured environment, water is found in microscopic channels where viscosity and water potential depend on the composition of the soil solution and the degree of soil water saturation. Therefore, the motility of soil bacteria might have special(More)
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