Verónica Costa Teixeira Orvalho

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We present a facial deformation system that adapts a generic facial rig into different face models. The deformation is based on labels and allows transferring specific facial features between the generic rig and face models. High quality physics-based animation is achieved by combining different deformation methods with our labeling system, which adapts(More)
Reproducing the subtleties of a face through animation requires developing a sophisticated character rig. But, creating by hand the inner structure and controls of each character is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming task. We developed an application that is 90--99% faster than traditional manual rigging. The application automatically transfers the(More)
We introduce a facial deformation system that helps the character setup process and gives artists the possibility to manipulate models as if they were using a puppet. The method uses a set of labels that define specific facial features and deforms the rig anthropometrically. We find the correspondence of the main attributes of a generic rig, transfer them(More)
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