Verónica Castañeda

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A good software requirements specification (SRS) offers a number of benefits which include: being the contract between customers and suppliers, reducing the development effort, being a good basis for estimating costs and planning , a reference for verification and validation, and a basis for the identification of possible improvements in the analyzed(More)
Accumulation of abaxial anthocyanins is an intriguing leaf trait particularly common among deeply shaded understorey plants of tropical and temperate forests whose ecological significance is still not properly understood. To shed light on it, possible ecophysiological roles of abaxial anthocyanins were tested in the perennial understorey herb of temperate(More)
Cell migration is a complex biological process that involves changes in shape and organization at the sub-cellular, cellular, and supra-cellular levels. Individual and collective cell migration can be assessed in vitro and in vivo starting from the flagellar driven movement of single sperm cells or bacteria, bacterial gliding and swarming, and amoeboid(More)
Background. Psychoactive drugs represent an alternative for the management of mental disorders during infancy and adolescence, which are not exempt from adverse events. We undertook this study to determine the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and their pharmacological management in children and adolescents who attend the Child Psychiatry Service of the(More)
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