Verónica A Lombardo

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During heart development, the onset of heartbeat and blood flow coincides with a ballooning of the cardiac chambers. Here, we have used the zebrafish as a vertebrate model to characterize chamber ballooning morphogenesis of the endocardium, a specialized population of endothelial cells that line the interior of the heart. By combining functional(More)
Embryogenesis is a dynamic process that is best studied by using techniques that allow the documentation of developmental changes in vivo. The use of genetically-encoded fluorescent proteins has proven a valuable strategy for elucidating dynamic morphogenetic processes as they occur in the intact organism. During the past decade, the development of(More)
The zebrafish embryonic heart is composed of only a few hundred cells, representing only a small fraction of the entire embryo. Therefore, to prevent the cardiac transcriptome from being masked by the global embryonic transcriptome, it is necessary to collect sufficient numbers of hearts for further analyses. Furthermore, as zebrafish cardiac development(More)
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