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Intrusion detection (ID) is an interesting approach that could be used to improve the security of network systems. IDS detects suspected patterns of network traffic on the remaining open parts through monitoring user activities (runtime gathering of data from system operations), and the subsequent analysis of these activities. The purpose of this work is to(More)
—Text summarization is the process of creating a short description of a specified text while preserving its information context. This paper tackles Arabic text summarization problem. The semantic redundancy and insignificance will be removed from the summarized text. This can be achieved by checking the text entailment relation, and lexical cohesion.(More)
An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is one of the widely used tools for defending computer networks. Its main goal is to classify activities into two major categories: (1) normal activities and (2) intrusive activities. Both types of activities are hard to predict as the boundaries cannot be well defined and a prediction process may generate false alarms.(More)
Most expert system designers suffer from knowledge acquisition complications. Expert system shells contain facilities that can simplify knowledge acquisition to make domain experts themselves responsible for knowledge structuring and encoding. The aim of this research is to develop an Arabic Expert System Shell (AESS) for diagnosing diseases based on(More)
Arabic text classification methods have emerged as a natural result of the existence of a massive amount of varied textual information (written in Arabic language) on the web. In most text classification processes, feature selection is crucial task since it highly affects the classification accuracy. Generally, two types of features could be used:(More)
Application Service Provider (ASP) is a business that makes computer-based services (small and medium sized businesses) available to clients over a network. The usual ASP sells a large application to large enterprises, but also, provides a pay-as-you-go model for smaller clients. One of the main problems with ASP is the insufficient security to resist(More)
The use of biometric information has been known widely for both person identification and security application. Each person can be identified by the unique characteristics of one or more of person biometrics. One of the biometric characteristics of that a person can be identified by his voice. In this research, we are interested in studying the effect of(More)
—World Wide Web (WWW) is a mine of information for most people. Due to the huge amount of ‎ information and documents available on the internet, the process ‎ of retrieving documents that are most relevant to user needs become a tremendous problem. In addition to ‎ that, the time needed for retrieving what a user searches for ‎ increases dramatically. In(More)
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