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BACKGROUND Adverse drug reactions are one of the most common causes of death in industrialized Western countries. Nowadays, empirical data from clinical studies for the approval and monitoring of drugs and molecular databases is available. METHODS The integration of database information is a promising method for providing well-based knowledge to avoid(More)
Drugs are essential for the prevention and treatment of diseases. However, co-administration of multiple drugs may cause serious adverse drug reactions, which are usually known but sometimes unknown. Package inserts of prescription drugs are supposed to contain risks and side effects, but such information is not necessarily complete. At the core of efforts(More)
BACKGROUND Much of the information on the complementary medicine is spread across literature and the internet. However, various literature and web resources provide information just of one specialist field. In addition, these resources do not allow users to search for suitable therapies based on patient-specific indications. OBJECTIVES Aggregating(More)
BACKGROUND In Germany, adverse drug reactions and events cause hospitalizations, which lead to numerous thousands of deaths and several million Euros in additional health costs annually. OBJECTIVES Approximately one in two deaths could be avoided by an appropriate system for risk analysis of drugs. METHODS The integration and storage of several data(More)
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