Venura Herath

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The transcriptional regulatory network involved in low temperature response leading to acclimation has been established in Arabidopsis. In japonica rice, which can only withstand transient exposure to milder cold stress (10°C), an oxidative-mediated network has been proposed to play a key role in configuring early responses and short-term defenses. The(More)
The R2R3-type OsMyb4 transcription factor of rice has been shown to play a role in the regulation of osmotic adjustment in heterologous overexpression studies. However, the exact composition and organization of its underlying transcriptional network has not been established to be a robust tool for stress tolerance enhancement by regulon engineering. OsMyb4(More)
Rice is a chilling-sensitive plant that is particularly prone to injury during the early stages of seedling development and during flowering. Significant variation exists between subspecies with japonica cultivars generally being less sensitive than most indica cultivars. In most temperate and subtropical countries where rice is grown, crop damage often(More)
The potential contribution of upstream sequence variation to the unique features of orthologous genes is just beginning to be unraveled. A core subset of stress-associated bZIP transcription factors from rice (Oryza sativa) formed ten clusters of orthologous groups (COG) with genes from the monocot sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) and dicot Arabidopsis(More)
Unlike other cereal species, rice is able to germinate and elongate under anoxia. The regulatory mechanism that configures the transcriptome of rice during anaerobic germination is yet to be established. In this study, the major regulatory modules among anoxia-responsive genes in rice identified from published microarray data were predicted by ab initio(More)
Dehydration-responsive element- (DREB) proteins are considered as the master regulators of plant abiotic stress responses including drought, salinity and cold. They are also involved in other developmental processes such as embryo and endosperm development. DREB family of transcription factors consist of two sub families namely CBF1/DREB1 and DREB2. In this(More)
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