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  • Srikantaiah K C, Srikanth P L, Tejaswi V, Shaila K, Venugopal K R, Iyengar S S +1 other
  • 2011
The World Wide Web (WWW) is the repository of large number of web pages which can be accessed via Internet by multiple users at the same time and therefore it is U biquitous in nature. The search engine is a key application used to search the web pages from this huge repository, which uses the link analysis for ranking the web pages without considering the(More)
  • Srikantaiah K C, Suraj M, Venugopal K R, Iyengar S S, L M Patnaik
  • 2012
The Internet is a major source of all information that we essentially need. The information on the web cannot be analyzed and queried as per the user requests. Here, we propose and develop a similarity based web data extraction and integration system (WDES and WDICS) to extract search result pages from the web and integrate its contents to enable the user(More)
  • Vishwanath R H, Thanagamani M, Venugopal K R, Iyengar S S, L M Patnaik
  • 2012
Stream time series retrieval has been a major area of study due to its vast application in various fields like weather forecasting, multimedia data retrieval and huge data analysis. Presently, there is a demand for stream data processing, high speed searching and quick response. In this paper, we use a alternate data cluster or segment mean method for(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks consists of sensor nodes that are capable of sensing the information and maintaining security. In this paper, an Anonymity Cluster based Trust Management algorithm(ACTM) is proposed which enhances the security level and provides a stable path for communication. It is observed that the performance of the network is better than(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) have micro sensors connected in a network with processing capabilities for communications. It is subjected to a set of resource constraints such as battery power, bandwidth and lifetime. The existing cooperative routing is addressed to reduce the energy consumption. We propose Dynamic Cooperative Routing (DCR) to conserve(More)
  • Tanuja R, Anoosha V, Manjula S H, Venugopal K R, Iyengar S S, L M Patnaik
  • 2012
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are by its nature more prone to security attacks and data losses. Security and data privacy have become need of the day. The most challenging area in WSNs which needs security is target localization. In addition to this complexity we are here concentrating on acoustic sensor nodes which uses Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)(More)
  • Vidya A, Usha D, Rashma B M, Deepa Shenoy, Raja K B, Venugopal K R +2 others
  • 2011
Discovering the functions of proteins in living organisms is an important tool for understanding cellular processes. The source data for such analysis are commonly the peptide sequences. Most common algorithms used to compare a pair of nucleotide sequence are Global alignment algorithm (Needleman-Wunch algorithm) or local alignment algorithm (Smith-Waterman(More)
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