Venugopal Balijepally

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Research Article VenuGopal Balijepally Prairie View A&M University George Mangalaraj Western Illinois University Kishen Iyengar University of Colorado at Boulder Cluster analysis is a powerful statistical procedure for extricating natural configurations among the data and the(More)
The dominance of traditional heavyweight software development methodologies is being challenged by the advent of lightweight or agile methodologies that stress the need to be nimble and adaptive in a world where change is inevitable. A singularly distinctive feature of these new methodologies is their emphasis on people and their interactions. In a(More)
As a rapidly growing social-networking generation enters colleges and global workforces, college instructors and IT managers worldwide inevitably face a critical issue of how to better educate this emerging population who could be rarely separated, even in classroom settings, from wireless networks and mobile technology. Drawing from the notion of(More)
Collaborative software development is a hallmark of agile methodologies such as Extreme Programming (XP). These methodologies have practices like pair programming, where two programmers collaboratively work on all aspects of software development. There is however a dearth of empirical research in this area. Studies with sound theoretical underpinnings and(More)