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Research Article Cluster analysis is a powerful statistical procedure for extricating natural configurations among the data and the populations. Cluster analysis, with its seemingly limitless power to produce groupings in any dataset, has all the trappings of a super-technique. However, the method produces clusters even in the absence of any natural(More)
The dominance of traditional heavyweight software development methodologies is being challenged by the advent of lightweight or agile methodologies that stress the need to be nimble and adaptive in a world where change is inevitable. A singularly distinctive feature of these new methodologies is their emphasis on people and their interactions. In a(More)
Ranking journals is an important exercise in academia. While several approaches to rank journals exist, an inherent assumption of these approaches is that there is indeed a hierarchy of journals, which is captured by the methods used for ranking them. We address a more fundamental question: Is there a linear hierarchy within journals? In this article, we(More)