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Plants are the principal source of raw materials for plant based medicine since ancient times. The traditional herbal medicines are receiving great importance in the health care sector. In Indian system of medicine i.e, ayurveda, one of the plant Naravelia zeylanica (Linn) DC belonging to family ranunculaceae has been used in the treatment of helminthiasis,(More)
This paper presents a health monitoring study of concrete specimens using embedded piezoelectric transducer (PZT) via electromechanical (EM) impedance technique. The main objective of this research is to present a very easy method of embedding PZT sensor in concrete for monitoring either fresh or cured concrete. The basic principle; is to record EM(More)
Secure multicast represents the core component of many web and multimedia applications such as pay-TV, telecon-ferencing, real-time distribution of stock market price and etc. The main challenges for secure multicast is scalability, efficiency and authenticity. In this project, we propose a scalable, efficient, authenticated group key agreement scheme for(More)
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