Ventzislav Tzvetkov

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In this paper, we introduce a software system, called DBXML that provides a transformation utility to connect XML with relational databases. The transformation utility can convert data both ways -from XML-schema to relational database schema and from relational database schema to XML-schema. In the meantime it performs conversions between the data in the(More)
The mobile usage of Internet is characterized by frequent changes of the access network and consequently, changes of the application's IP address or port. Intermediate NAT devices can exchange additionally the transport and network headers. Not using the current IP and port parameter leads to lost packets and service interruption. To overcome these(More)
The Internet is becoming the dominating medium for modern communications. The SIP protocol delivers the majority of VoIP services. The SIP usage in mobile environments becomes reality due to the widespread of portable devices together with dynamic lifestyle. Unfortunately, SIP is not designed to work in mobile environments where access network and IP(More)
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