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One of the most important concepts in production planning is that of the establishment of an overall or aggregate production plan. In this paper, the problem of establishing an aggregate production plan for a manufacturing plant is considered. A new dynamic discrete-time model of capacity planning utilizing concepts arising in positive linear systems (PLS)(More)
A generic structure of reachable and controllable positive linear systems is given in terms of some characteristic components (monomial subdigraphs) of the digraph of a non-negative a pair. The properties of monomial subdigraphs are examined and used to derive reachability and controllability criteria in a digraph form for the general case when the system(More)
In this paper necessary and sufficient conditions (and criteria) for null-controllability, reachability and controllability of time-variant discrete-time positive linear systems are established. These properties appear to be entirely structural properties, that is, they do depend on the zero-nonzero pattern of the pair (A(k), B(k)) ≥ 0 and do not depend on(More)
A weighted version of the –out–of– system is considered. In the disjoint products version of reliability analysis of weighted– –out–of– systems, it is necessary to determine the order in which the weight of components is to be considered. The –out–of– :G(F) system consists of components ; each component has its own probability and positive integer weight(More)
In this paper, recent results on the structural properties of positive linear systems are collected and analyzed. The study of reachability and controllability properties of positive invariant linear systems is focussed, mainly, in the recent years, either for discrete and continuous systems when results are known. In addition, all known results of positive(More)