Venthan B Naidoo

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In keeping with recent efforts to generate compounds for antibiotic and microbicide development, we focused on the creation of non-natural organo-peptide hybrids of antimicrobial peptide amides (KLK(L)n KLK-NH2 ) derived from sapecin B and a self-assembling oligoglycine organo-peptide bolaphile containing an ω-amino fatty acid residue. The hybrid(More)
We utilised a simple bidirectional (N→C and C→N) solid phase synthesis strategy entailing conventional solid phase peptide synthesis and fragment condensation with a water-soluble carbodiimide to synthesise a model anionic glycylglycine bolaamphiphile containing a suberic acid linker moiety, namely N,N'-suberoyldiglycylglycine. The synthetic(More)
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