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—Exploiting multiple radio channels for communication has been long known as a practical way to mitigate interference in wireless settings. In Wireless Sensor Networks, however, multi-channel solutions have not reached their full potential: the MAC layers included in TinyOS or the Contiki OS for example are mostly single-channel. The literature offers a(More)
—Sensor networks operating in the 2.4 GHz band often face cross-technology interference from co-located WiFi and Bluetooth devices. To enable effective interference mitigation, a sensor network needs to know the type of interference it is exposed to. However, existing approaches to interference detection are not able to handle multiple concurrent sources of(More)
The excellent maneuverability and the availability of a large number of sensors including good quality video cameras make quadcopters attractive for surveillance systems. Most video surveillance systems need a real-time high quality video stream from the cameras on the quadcopter to the base station which requires a stable and reliable radio link. Moreover,(More)
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