Venkatram Ramachandran

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— The problem of securing data section in a mobile agent from discovery and exploitation by a malicious host is a difficult task. A full scale adaptation of mobile agents becomes true once the security obstacles are overcome. A number of solutions are proposed based on cryptographic principles have their own limitations. The cryptographic key generation and(More)
—Concurrent Multipath Transfer distributes incoming traffic simultaneously between several paths to maximize network resource utilization and to improve quality of service. Voices over IP real time application is more sensitive to delay and requires bandwidth guarantee. In this paper, Efficient Bandwidth Estimation Management for VoIP Concurrent Multipath(More)
With the rapid development of communication and networking technologies VOIP has become an alternate to traditional telephony. These applications prefer timeliness in packet delivery. To perform load balancing, link utilization and to minimize the packet loss rate Multipath virtual Queue Management System for Effective Packet Scheduling in MPLS networks is(More)
Selfish overlay routing is the technique whereby the sender of the packet can specify the route that the packet should take through the network. Selfish overlay routing allow end users to select routes in an egocentic fashion to optimize their own performance without considering the system wide criteria which in turn cause performance degradation .The main(More)
E-Business must be highly secured and scalable to provide efficient services to millions of clients on the web. This paper proposes a new approach based on shared objects to improve security and mobile agents to improve scalability. The e-business uses shared objects and mobile agents to update the clients automatically with new information. The agent that(More)
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