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As grid resources are geographically distributed, efficient resource discovery and management has become one of the important requirements. Besides, Grid users are independent identities and negotiation is necessary for reconciling their diverse characteristics. Therefore special mechanism is required to negotiate and discover the required or similar(More)
This paper analyses the functional aspects and compares the performance differences of most commonly used distributed application development approaches in Java (Sockets, RMI, HTTP Servlet, CORBA, and RMIIIOP), XML-RPC and Web services (JAX-WS). Performance data was obtained for these approaches based on test results for simple data types under different(More)
As multimedia transmission requires a high network bandwidth and rigorous response time, the design of good network transmission system with high utilization of network resources is the key need. This paper investigates methods to obtain better transmission schedules and summarization schemes for browsing streaming video. It also aims to develop a(More)
Browsing streaming video quickly through Internet with in the available bandwidth is a challenging one and it is also time consuming. The user has to browse, view and listen to the complete video to identify relevant contents. Most of the video summarization techniques presented in research papers are suitable only for stand-alone environments. They are not(More)
— The problem of securing data section in a mobile agent from discovery and exploitation by a malicious host is a difficult task. A full scale adaptation of mobile agents becomes true once the security obstacles are overcome. A number of solutions are proposed based on cryptographic principles have their own limitations. The cryptographic key generation and(More)
—Concurrent Multipath Transfer distributes incoming traffic simultaneously between several paths to maximize network resource utilization and to improve quality of service. Voices over IP real time application is more sensitive to delay and requires bandwidth guarantee. In this paper, Efficient Bandwidth Estimation Management for VoIP Concurrent Multipath(More)
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