Venkatram Nalla

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Iron pyrite has received significant attention due to its high optical absorption. However, the loss of open circuit voltage (Voc) prevents its further application in photovoltaics. Herein, we have studied the photophysics of pyrite by ultrafast laser spectroscopy to understand fundamental limitation of low Voc by quantifying photocarrier losses in high(More)
We demonstrated ultrafast femtosecond nonlinear optical (NLO) absorption characteristics of bilayered fullerosome vesicle nanostructures derived from molecular self-assembly of amphiphilic oligo(ethylene glycolated) C(60)-(light-harvesting diphenylaminofluorene antenna). Fullerene conjugates were designed to enhance photoresponse in a femtosecond time scale(More)
Highly sensitive, multicomponent broadband photodetector devices are made from PbSe/graphene/TiO(2). TiO(2) and PbSe nanoparticles act as light harvesting photoactive materials from the UV to IR regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, while the graphene acts as a charge collector for both photogenerated holes and electrons under an applied electric field.
A blue (ca. 440 nm) liquid laser with an ultra-low threshold through which quasi-continuous wave pumping is accessible is achieved by engineering unconventional ternary CdZnS/ZnS alloyed-core/shell QDs. Such an achievement is enabled by exploiting the novel gain media with minimal defects, suppressed Auger recombination, and large gain cross-section in(More)
Large-area patterning of epitaxial graphene for Schottky junction photodetectors has been demonstrated with a simple laser irradiation method. In this method, semimetal-semiconductor Schottky junctions are created in a controllable pattern between epitaxial graphene (EG) and laser-modified epitaxial graphene (LEG). The zero-biased EG-LEG-EG photodetector(More)
Two C60-(antenna)x analogous compounds having branched hybrid triad C60(>DPAF-C18)(>CPAF-C2M) and tetrad C60(>DPAF-C18)(>CPAF-C2M)2 nanostructures were synthesized and characterized. The structural design was intended to facilitate the ultrafast fs intramolecular energy-transfer from photoexcited C60[>(1)(DPAF)*-C18](>CPAF-C2M)1or2 or(More)
A water soluble conjugated thiophene polymer, sodium salt of poly[2-(3-thienyl)ethoxy-4-butylsulfonate] (TPP), and graphene oxide (GO) composite film (GO-TPP) device was prepared. Transient photoconductivity measurements were carried out on the GO-TPP composite film using 150 ns laser pulses of 527 nm wavelength. Highly efficient photocurrent generation was(More)
Second harmonic generation (SHG) is a well known non-linear optical phenomena which can be observed only in non-centrosymmetric crystals due to non-zero hyperpolarizability. In the current work we observed SHG from a Zn(II) complex which was originally thought to have crystallized in the centrosymmetric space group C2/c. This has been attributed to the(More)
The development of alternative nonlinear optical metamaterials has attracted much attention recently due to technological demands. Upconversion emission via a simultaneous two-photon absorption process is a nonlinear process that is widely studied in synthetically challenging organic compounds. Hereby, we report 9 metal organic frameworks constructed with(More)
We demonstrate generation of the shortest reported 11fs dark pulses using the coherent absorption process on a plasmonic absorber with a gating pulse. The dark pulses appear as a power dip on the envelope of a long carrier pulse and are characterized using the cross-correlation technique. The principal difference and advantage of our approach in comparison(More)