Venkatraj Muthusamy

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In the past half century research efforts have defined a critical role for angiogenesis in tumor growth and metastasis. We previously reported that inhibition of a novel target, ENOX1, by a (Z)-2-benzylindol-3-ylmethylene) quinuclidin-3-ol, suppressed tumor angiogenesis. The present study was undertaken in order to establish structure-activity relationships(More)
Radiation therapy combined with adjuvant hyperthermia has the potential to provide outstanding local-regional control for refractory disease. However, achieving therapeutic thermal dose can be problematic. In the current investigation, we used a chemistry-driven approach with the goal of designing and synthesizing novel small molecules that could function(More)
Substitutional changes to imidazolecarboxamidine that preserved intermolecular hydrogen bonding in the solid state were used to study the relationship between packing and the hydrogen bond motif. Various motifs competed, but the most common imidazolecarboxamidine crystalline phase was a C(i) symmetric dimer that established inversion centers by associating(More)
Metacaspase (MCA) is an important enzyme in Trypanosoma brucei, absent from humans and differing significantly from the orthologous human caspases. Therefore MCA constitutes a new attractive drug target for antiparasitic chemotherapeutics, which needs further characterization to support the discovery of innovative drug candidates. A first series of(More)
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