Venkatkumar Venkatasubramanian

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METIS is the EU flagship project with the purpose of developing a 5G system concept that meets the requirements of the beyond-2020 connected information society and emerging applications. Within METIS project, horizontal topics (HTs) is used to build the overall system concept. Direct Device-to-Device (D2D) communication is one of the HTs and regarded as a(More)
The interconnected power system is often referred to as the largest and most complex machine ever built by humankind. This may be hyperbole, but it does emphasize an inherent truth: the complex interdependency of different parts of the system. That is, events in geographically distant parts of the system may interact strongly and in unexpected ways. Power(More)
The METIS project is laying the foundation of 5G mobile and wireless communication systems putting together the point of view of vendors, operators, third party players and academia. In particular, METIS is developing and evaluating the key technology components of 5G systems. In this framework, a new mobile and wireless network architecture is required to(More)
Ultra dense small cell deployments and a very large number of applications are expected to be the essential aspects of the newly emerging 5 generation (5G) wireless communication system. To match the diverse quality of service requirements imposed by a variety of applications, dynamic TDD is proposed as a solution by enabling flexible utilization of the(More)
During the last two years, the METIS project (“Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twentytwenty Information Society”) has been conducting research on 5G-enabling technology components. This paper provides a summary of METIS work on 5G architectures. The architecture description is presented from different viewpoints. First, a functional(More)
We present a new framework for catalyst design that integrates computer-aided extraction of knowledge with high-throughput experimentation (HTE) and expert knowledge to realize the full benefit of HTE. We describe the current state of HTE and illustrate its speed and accuracy using an FTIR imaging system for oxidation of CO over metals. However, data is(More)
Device to device (D2D) communication is expected to be an important aspect in future 5G communication systems. To this end, D2D has been identified as an important topic in the EU flagship project METIS, wherein commercial D2D use cases are also considered. In principle, direct D2D communication offers the double benefit of low latency and high data rate at(More)