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With increased awareness about dental esthetics, multidisciplinary periodontal therapy has begun to gain momentum. Management of severely attrited teeth is a challenging situation and is dealt with a multidisciplinary approach. In cases of severe tooth wear, the crown height is drastically reduced, in some cases up to the gingival level. This might require(More)
INTRODUCTION Psychosis is one of the common non-motor symptoms of PD, which substantially worsens the quality of life. Hence, it is important to identify factors that are associated with early onset of psychosis in PD. In order to identify those factors, the current study aims to compare various demographic and clinical features of PD patients with early(More)
Introducing APF technology into the aircraft power system to improve the quality and reliability of the system becomes a preferable solution. Shunt active power filters are a viable solution for power quality enhancement, in order to comply with the standard recommendations. It is not easy for the power-quality characteristics of the system to be in(More)
This paper describes a improved version of design of 32 bit adder module and 32 bit of subtractor module by using VHDL. Multiplier is the main component in digital signal processing. For designing floating point multiplier, adder and sub-tractor modules are essentially required. The floating point complex multiplication is one of the basic functions used in(More)
Heat generation is the major drawback in conventional or irreversible electronic circuits or systems.In 1961,Rolf landaeur proved this drawback.But in 1973,Benett given the solution for this drawback.Benett told that,there will be no or very less heat generation or energy dissipation,if the computation was reversible.So,the reversible logic is a solution(More)
Relationship between the datasets is one most important issue in recent years. The recent methods are based mostly on the numerical data, but these methods are not suitable for real time data such as web pages, business transactions etc., which are known as Categorical data. It is difficult to find relationship in categorical data. In this paper, a new(More)
A channel splitting scheme is proposed to improve both link and network-layer handoffs in WMNs. We first considered two setups when an MC has one or two transceivers and proposed different handoff procedures using the channel splitting strategy. In the first design, the time for the link-layer channel scanning process can be reduced, whereas in the second(More)
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