Venkatesh Natarajan

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For a graph (<i>V, E</i>), existing compact linear formulations for the minimum cut problem require &Theta;(|<i>V</i>||<i>E</i>|) variables and constraints and can be interpreted as a composition of |<i>V</i>|--1 polyhedra for minimum <i>s-t</i> cuts in much the same way as early approaches to finding globally minimum cuts relied on |<i>V</i>|--1 calls to a(More)
It is widely believed that aging results from the accumulation of molecular damage, including damage of DNA and mitochondria and accumulation of molecular garbage both inside and outside of the cell. Recently, this paradigm is being replaced by the "hyperfunction theory", which postulates that aging is caused by activation of signal transduction pathways(More)
Keywords: Data-based modeling Elastic net Lasso Monte Carlo methods Biopharmaceutical manufacturing Regularization methods a b s t r a c t Biopharmaceutical manufacturing involves multiple process steps that can be challenging to model. Oftentimes, operating conditions are studied in bench-scale experiments and then fixed to specific values during(More)
Acknowledgments There are many people that must be thanked for helping me get to where I am today. I am the most grateful to my adviser Steve Shreve, for the numerous hours of discussions, answers and encouragement. He has taught me more about mathematics and how to think like a mathematician, than anyone else. My thesis committee: Dmitry Kramkov, Kasper(More)
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