Venkatesh Babu Radhakrishnan

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—Action recognition plays an important role in various applications, including smart homes and personal assistive robotics. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for recognizing human actions using motion capture action data. Motion capture data provides accurate three dimensional positions of joints which constitute the human skeleton. We model the(More)
—Large variations in human actions lead to major challenges in computer vision research. Several algorithms are designed to solve the challenges. Algorithms that stand apart, help in solving the challenge in addition to performing faster and efficient manner. In this paper, we propose a human cognition inspired projection based learning for(More)
With the influence of proactive impact on the internal and external environment, the humans are changing on styles, culture in day to day activities. The human brain is providing a vast research and findings which leaded to explore the universe without limits. Till the modern days, Intelligent Quotient (IQ) was considered as the measure of excellence to(More)
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