Venkatesan Muthukumar

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  • Daggu Venkateshwar Rao, Shruti Patil, Naveen Anne Babu, V Muthukumar
With the advent of mobile embedded multimedia devices that are required to perform a range of multimedia tasks, especially image processing tasks, the need to design efficient and high performance image processing systems in a short time-to-market schedule needs to be addressed. Image Processing algorithms implemented in hardware have emerged as the most(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm to route traffic efficiently is proposed. The proposed algorithm finds additional routes to the destination and identifies the critical links in the network that are responsible for congestion The traffic in the network is routed through the paths that have no or least number of critical links. This avoids congestion in the(More)
Functional decomposition is a process of splitting a complex circuit into smaller sub-circuits. This paper deals with the problem of determining the set of best free and bound variables (variable partitioning problem) for disjoint (dis-joint serial) decomposition, such that the decomposed circuits are smaller in size and its truth table representation have(More)