Venkatesan Muthukumar

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In this paper, a new algorithm to route traffic efficiently is proposed. The proposed algorithm finds additional routes to the destination and identifies the critical links in the network that are responsible for congestion The traffic in the network is routed through the paths that have no or least number of critical links. This avoids congestion in the(More)
Multicore and multiprocessor systems with dynamic voltage scaling architectures are being used as one of the solutions to satisfy the growing needs of high performance applications with low power constraints. An important aspect that has propelled this solution is effective task/application scheduling and mapping algorithms for multiprocessor systems. This(More)
Horizon line detection is a demanding problem in various tasks associated with planet exploration, because no standard approaches such as global positioning system is available. Horizon line is a boundary line defined between a sky and non-sky region in 2D images, and it is an important visual clue that can be utilized for calculating the rover's(More)