Venkataraman Kumar

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Endogenous circadian rhythms have been described in a wide range of organisms from prokaryotes to man. Although basic circadian mechanisms at the molecular level are genetically fixed, certain properties of circadian rhythms at the organismic level can be modified by environmental conditions and subsequently retained for some time, even in organisms(More)
In passerine birds, the periodic secretion of melatonin by the pineal organ represents an important component of the pacemaker that controls overt circadian functions. The daily phase of low melatonin secretion generally coincides with the phase of intense activity, but the precise relationship between the melatonin and the behavioral rhythms has not been(More)
This paper examines the illiquidity of corporate bonds and its asset-pricing implications. Using transactions data from 2003 to 2009, we show that the illiquidity in corporate bonds is substantial, significantly greater than what can be explained by bid–ask spreads. We establish a strong link between bond illiquidity and bond prices. In aggregate, changes(More)
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