Venkatalakshmi Krishnan

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—We present a new filtered-backprojection (FBP) type image reconstruction method for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) that exploits multi-path in the presence of a perfectly reflecting wall. The new method is designed to take advantage of multiple scattering and incorporates the multiple scattered waves in the image reconstruction process enhancing the(More)
spatial clustering method can be used for the analysis of satellite image to get the meaningful information with the help of fuzzy local information c-means algorithm using image segmentation technique. In previous clustering based image segmentation method may lose the important image details due to the noise present in the satellite image. The effects of(More)
An attempt has been made in this paper to classify multispectral images using customized particle swam optimization. To reduce the time consumption due to increase in dimensionality of multispectral imagery a preprocessing is done using feature extraction based on decision boundary. The customized particle swam optimization then works on the reduced(More)
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