Venkata S Rao Gudimetla

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Although the transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block has an established role in providing postoperative analgesia following caesarean section, the technique is not widely used by obstetric anaesthetists. The conventional TAP block is associated with significant technical difficulties and risk of peritoneal, hollow viscus and organ perforation. We report a(More)
Compensation of extended (deep) turbulence effects is one of the most challenging problems in adaptive optics (AO). In the AO approach described, the deep turbulence wave propagation regime was achieved by imaging stars at low elevation angles when image quality improvement with conventional AO was poor. These experiments were conducted at the U.S. Air(More)
The theory of special relativity is used to analyze some of the physical phenomena associated with space-based coherent Doppler lidars aimed at Earth and the atmosphere. Two important cases of diffuse scattering and retroreflection by lidar targets are treated. For the case of diffuse scattering, we show that for a coaligned transmitter and receiver on the(More)
The effect of anisotropic Kolmogorov turbulence on the log-amplitude correlation function for plane-wave fields is investigated using analysis, numerical integration, and simulation. A new analytical expression for the log-amplitude correlation function is derived for anisotropic Kolmogorov turbulence. The analytic results, based on the Rytov approximation,(More)
The boresight and atmospheric jitter errors in a satellite tracking experiment are currently estimated by matching the probability density function (PDF) of the received signal counts with a set of PDFs of the signal for several combinations of jitter and boresight errors and then the best choice of jitter and boresight error is accepted via the chi-square(More)
Optical returns from remote resident space-based objects such as satellites suffer from pointing and tracking errors. In a previously reported paper [Appl. Opt.46, 5608 (2007)APOPAI0003-693510.1364/AO.46.005608], we developed a moment-matching technique that used the statistics of time series of these optical returns to extract information about bore sight(More)
An analytical expression for the log-amplitude correlation function based on the Rytov approximation is derived for spherical wave propagation through an anisotropic non-Kolmogorov refractive turbulent atmosphere. The expression reduces correctly to the previously published analytic expressions for the case of spherical wave propagation through isotropic(More)
We report results of the experimental analysis of atmospheric effects on laser beam propagation over two distinctive propagation paths: a long-range (149 km) propagation path between Mauna Loa (Island of Hawaii) and Haleakala (Island of Maui) mountains, and a tactical-range (7 km) propagation path between the roof of the Dayton Veterans Administration(More)
A theoretical expression for the covariance of the received intensity of a partially coherent laser speckle pattern after propagation through the turbulent atmosphere is developed. It is shown that the atmospheric perturbation on a partially coherent speckle pattern can be decomposed into a coherent term and an incoherent term. The dependence of(More)