Venkata Rami K Reddy

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OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical significance of alpha6beta1 integrin in human spermatozoa. DESIGN Prospective case-controlled study. SETTINGS Hospital infertility clinic in India. PATIENT(S) Sixty-two men undergoing evaluation for infertility and 20 healthy, proven-fertile controls were selected. INTERVENTION(S) Role of alpha6beta1integrin in(More)
Identity Crime is used to detect fraudulence in credit card. The synthetic identity fraud utilizes credible but incorrect identities that are simple to create but more complicated to be appropriate on real time. Identity crime is completed in the combination of both synthetic as well as real identity theft. Credit Crime detection is extremely important(More)
Hadoop is a framework which enables applications to work and petabytes of data on large clusters with thousand of nodes built of commodity hardware. It provides a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) that stores data on the computed nodes, providing very high aggregate bandwidth across the cluster. In addition, Hadoop implements a parallel computational(More)
— With the advent of the global financial crisis which hit the global economy, credit scoring has become of the essence. The global financial crisis also known as the " credit crunch " was largely attributed to the issuance of credit to individuals with no capacity to return the money. Credit scoring has become a very important task in the credit industry.(More)
The current Wireless Mesh Networks required to have efficient mobility management schemes in order to support the mobile clients roaming around the network without any interruption. In view of the large coverage areas and to serve more clients we need to have more number of Internet Gateways, since the single gateway systems will increase the load on(More)
With the growing stress on today's power systems, many utilities are increasingly and there is a need for inclusion of security analysis capabilities in the energy management systems. Transient Stability analysis is the evaluation of the ability of the power system to withstand to a set of severe but credible contingencies and to survive transition to an(More)
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