Venkata Lakshmi Narayana

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In this paper an attempt has been made to analyse different wavelet techniques for image compression. Both hand-designed and lifting based wavelets are considered. Hand designed wavelets considered in this work are Haar wavelet, Daubechie wavelet, Biorthognal wavelet, Demeyer wavelet, Coiflet wavelet and Symlet wavelet. Lifting based wavelet transforms(More)
Three-dimensional treatment planning systems used extensively for external-beam treatments have recently been applied for use in brachytherapy. Localization of structures in 3D from imaging studies integrated into computerized systems for planning of implants and evaluation allows 3D dose distributions to be indexed to the patient's anatomy. Correlation of(More)
A cloud storage system, consisting of a collection of storage servers, provides long-term storage services over the Internet. Storing data in a third party’s cloud system causes serious concern over data confidentiality and to reduce data management costs. However, we must provide security guarantees for the outsourced data. We design and implement a secure(More)
The Euler-Bernoulli’s method is used to model the dynamics of single link flexible manipulator. Model is highly nonlinear in nature, consists of partial differential equations, and so with the help of MATLAB & SIMULINK is taken. The state space model is designed by using S function block in SIMULINK and it’s M-file in MATLAB. The response of the model is(More)
An intelligent control system for the rocket engine during electromechanical stage is designed and scrutinized in this paper. The rocket is the only vehicle that lift-offs the spacecraft in the space. But, the motion of the rocket can be influenced by internal and external disturbances. Furthermore, the rocket is a multi-input and multi-output nonlinear(More)
In telecommunications, there are several types of micro strip antennas, the most common of which is micro strip patch antenna. Patch antennas are also relatively inexpensive to manufacture and design because of simple 2D physical geometry. In this paper a microstrip patch antenna is designed to improve the efficiency which can be used at high frequencies(More)
In this paper, a pressure transmitter using a modified op-amp based network for inductance measurement using a bellow as sensor has been proposed to measure the pressure and to convert pressure changes in to an electrical current which can be transmitted to a remote indicator. The change in inductance due to change in pressure is measured by an improved(More)
A simple, precise, accurate and stability-indicating HPLC method was developed and Validated for the determination of Oseltamivir Phosphate, which is used to treat Influenza in Pharmaceutical Dosage forms. The separation was achieved on YMC Pro C8, (150 x 4.6 mm) 5 μm column and potassium dihydrogen phosphate (pH 3.2±0.05) as a buffer, Buffer: Methanol:(More)