Venkata A Krishna

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After implantation oftwo metal plates a 24 year old woman developed fever of unknown origin and successively more symptoms of an ANA-negative systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). These symptoms resolved after removal of the plates and recurrred during patch testing of the metal components, which showed a reaction to molybdenum. A lymphocyte transformation(More)
Depending on the institution's local policy, authentication may be restricted to computers located in offices in which there is an individual who is responsible for use of the machine. Such a policy may be enforced in order to provide some means of security against hacking remote services. The http server also handles a number of security issues. It is(More)
A firewall is a system for enforcing access control policy between two networks and is one of the most important measures to protect against network attacks. Firewalls traditionally protect the internal network from outside threats. But there has been increasing need for preventing the misuses of the network by the internal users which most previous(More)
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