Venkat V. S. S. Sastry

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The silver (0.5-3 at %) substituted nanosize hydroxyapatites (AgHAs) were synthesized by microwave processing. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) peaks are very broad, indicating that the AgHAs were of nanosize (30 nm). Transmission electron microscopy analysis shows needle-like morphology of AgHA, having length 60-70 nm and width 15-20 nm. The AgHA phase was(More)
Wang and Landau proposed recently, a simple and flexible non-Boltzmann Monte Carlo method for estimating the density of states, from which the macroscopic properties of a closed system can be calculated. They demonstrated their algorithm by considering systems with discrete energy spectrum. We find that the Wang-Landau algorithm does not perform well when(More)
Lattice-based Monte Carlo simulations are performed to study a confined liquid crystal system with a topological disclination line entangling a colloidal nanoparticle. In our microscopic study the disclination line is stretched by moving the colloid, as in laser tweezing experiments, which results in a restoring force attempting to minimize the disclination(More)
Hankel functions of complex order and real argument arise in the study of wave propagation and many other applications. Hankel functions are computed using, for example, Chebyshev expansions, recursion relations and numerical integration of the integral representation. In practice, approximation of these functions is required when the orderν and the(More)
We report experimental studies on small angle light scattering (SALS), and rheodielectric and electrorheological properties of a binary mixture of octyloxy cyanobiphenyl and hexyloxy cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals. The mixture exhibits nematic (N) to smectic-A (SmA) phase transitions, and then again to a reentrant nematic (N(R)) phase transition. Rapid shear(More)
Proton magnetic relaxation dispersion investigations with aqueous solutions of lysozyme and bovine serum albumin (BSA) in the 0-5 M range of guanidine hydrochloride (GdnHCl), pH 4.4, 27 degrees C, were taken up with the objective of examining the hydration dynamics of internal cavity waters as the protein is held under increasingly destabilizing conditions.(More)
We measured the splay (K11) and bend (K33) elastic constants in the nematic phase of a bent-core liquid crystal. In the vicinity of the nematic-isotropic transition temperature K33 is proportional to the square of the order parameter. In the nematic range K11 increases monotonically with decreasing temperature, whereas K33 is practically independent of(More)