Venkat V. S. S. Sastry

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The silver (0.5-3 at %) substituted nanosize hydroxyapatites (AgHAs) were synthesized by microwave processing. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) peaks are very broad, indicating that the AgHAs were of nanosize (30 nm). Transmission electron microscopy analysis shows needle-like morphology of AgHA, having length 60-70 nm and width 15-20 nm. The AgHA phase was(More)
Wang and Landau proposed recently, a simple and flexible non-Boltzmann Monte Carlo method for estimating the density of states, from which the macroscopic properties of a closed system can be calculated. They demonstrated their algorithm by considering systems with discrete energy spectrum. We find that the Wang-Landau algorithm does not perform well when(More)
We report experimental studies on small angle light scattering (SALS), and rheodielectric and electrorheological properties of a binary mixture of octyloxy cyanobiphenyl and hexyloxy cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals. The mixture exhibits nematic (N) to smectic-A (SmA) phase transitions, and then again to a reentrant nematic (N(R)) phase transition. Rapid shear(More)