Venkat Pothamsetty

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Previous scanning worms have beensignificant sources of network congestion and have had catastrophic effects on switches, routers and end-systems. In this paper, we focus on the simulation of the secondary resource-exhaustion effects that scanning worms cause on network protocols operating in Internet routers. Specifically, we describe a preliminary(More)
Any operating system that uses an IP based protocol stack for its networking purposes will have an IP address at its network layer and will rely on its transport layer for reliable or unreliable transportation of the IP datagrams. It is well known that security is not one of the primary components in the initial design specifications IP/TCP/UDP protocol(More)
A large number of vulnerabilities occur because protocol implementations failed to anticipate illegal packets. rfcs typically define what constitute " right " packets relevant to the protocol and they specify what the response should be for such packets. They are often ambiguous and remain silent on what the protocol implementation should do for packets(More)
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