Venkat Balakrishnan

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Mobile ad hoc are gaining popularity because of availability of low cost mobile devices and its ability to provide instant wireless networking capabilities where implementation of wired network is not possible or costly. MANETs are vulnerable to various types of attack because of its features like continuous changing topology, resource constraints and(More)
— In recent years, several secure routing protocols have been proposed to secure communications among nodes in mobile ad hoc networks. However, they are not tailored to defend against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks such as flooding and packet drop attacks. This has led to the development of models that target cooperation among nodes. These models either(More)
Recently several techniques that provide different degree of anonymity have been proposed for wired and wireless communication. Although, the recently proposed techniques are successful in achieving high degree of anonymity, there are some disadvantages associated with the proposed techniques. In this paper we analyze the flooding and packet drop attacks in(More)
This paper delineates a systematic method for determining "optimal" intravenous drug delivery strategies for patients having illnesses that primarily evoke a humoral immune response and are treatable by antibiotics. The method derives from a nonlinear, distributed predator-prey model that captures the dominant antigen and antibody interaction. This model is(More)
Revivals of the coherent states of a deformed, adiabatically and cyclically varying oscillator Hamiltonian are examined. The revival time distribution is exactly that of Poincaré recurrences for a rotation map: only three distinct revival times can occur, with specified weights. A link is thus established between quantum revivals and recurrences in a(More)
A simple technique is used to obtain a general formula for the Berry phase (and the corresponding Hannay angle) for an arbitrary Hamiltonian with an equally-spaced spectrum and appropriate ladder operators connecting the eigenstates. The formalism is first applied to a general deformation of the oscillator involving both squeezing and displacement. Earlier(More)
We consider the motion of a test particle in a one-dimensional system of equal-mass point particles. The test particle plays the role of a microscopic "piston" that separates two hard-point gases with different concentrations and arbitrary initial velocity distributions. In the homogeneous case when the gases on either side of the piston are in the same(More)
Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a self-deliberate data network, where all nodes behave like host or router. MANET is a collection of number of mobile nodes or devices that randomly generate a temporary network. Security is the fundamental requirement in MANET due to its behavior of changing topology, open medium and lack of centralized authentication. This(More)