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A new approach for evaluating in vivo anti-leukemic activity using the SCE assay. An application on three newly synthesised anti-tumour steroidal esters.
Three newly synthesised steroidal esteric derivatives of nitrogen mustard (compounds 1-3) were comparatively studied on a molar basis regarding their ability to induce sister chromatid exchangesExpand
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The allylic 7-ketone at the steroidal skeleton is crucial for the antileukemic potency of chlorambucil's active metabolite steroidal esters
We have investigated the role of the allylic 7-ketone in oxidized &Dgr;5-steroids on antileukemic activity. We synthesized and studied a series of oxidized and non-oxidized steroidal esters ofExpand
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7-Keto hybrid steroidal esters of nitrogen mustard: cytogenetic and antineoplastic effects
Four newly synthesized antitumor steroidal compounds were compared, on a molar basis, regarding their ability to induce sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) and cell division delays. The concept ofExpand
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