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The development of the acetabulum has been studied histologically and histochemistry from the beginning of the foetal period to birth. The acetabular roof develops by interstitial growth of the acetabular cartilage and the limbus, enchodral ossification of the growth cartilage of the acetabulum and periosteal ossification of the iliac ala. In congenital(More)
Twelve patients with symptoms and signs simulating lumbar disc disease were found to have intradural tumours in the lumbosacral area. Of the nine patients with a neurofibroma, two had previously had a laminectomy for an erroneous diagnosis of disc herniation and one had three separate tumours which were excised in two successive operations. One of the three(More)
Transient osteoporosis of the hip (TOH) is not an uncommon condition, usually with a benign course. The syndrome classically affects women during the last trimester of pregnancy, but also middle aged men. Recently, TOH has been described in non pregnant women. The pathophysiology of the disease is uncertain, though several hypotheses have been suggested.(More)
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