Velvizhi Vinodhini

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The adsorption of chromium(VI) ions from aqueous solutions has been investigated on Neem sawdust (NS), Mango sawdust (MS), Wheat shell (WS), Sugarcane bagasse (SB) and Orange peel (OP). The adsorbent which showed highest chromium(VI) removal was Neem sawdust. The influence of pH, contact time, biomass dosage and initial metal concentration on biosorption(More)
Tragia involucrata Linn. a perennial herb, is a potential source of phytoconstituents like terpenoids, sterols, phenols and carbohydrates. The plant is used as traditional medicine for treatment of skin eruption, diabetes, and cephelagia in many regions. Rationale of the present study was to carry out phytochemical screening and examine the in-vitro(More)
Digital data unruffled for forensics analysis often contain expensive information about the suspects’ social networks. However, most collected records are in the form of amorphous textual data, such as e-mails, chat messages, and text documents. An investigator often has to manually extract the useful information from the text and then enter the important(More)
Fluoride is a naturally occurring toxic mineral present in drinking water and the root cause of many diseases and disorders. Present international drinking water standard set by World Health Organisation (WHO) for fluoride is 1.5 ppm. In order to find the wide spread concentration of fluoride in drinking water of fluoride contaminated aquifer, 30 bore well(More)
Segmenting and tracking multiple humans is a challenging problem in complex situations in which extended occlusion, shadow and/or reflection exists. We tackle this problem with a 3D model-based approach. This method includes two stages, segmentation (detection) and tracking. Human hypotheses are generated by shape analysis of the foreground blobs using(More)
A Mobile Ad hoc NETwork (MANET) is an infrastructure-less, spontaneous, and arbitrary multi-hop wireless network, consisting of group of mobile nodes. The topology of the network can change randomly due to unpredictable mobility of nodes. In order to allow truly spontaneous and infrastructure-less networking, a protocol for dynamic allocation of unique(More)
Criminology is the cream of crimes, crime fatalities, theories of ill-legal and abnormal behavior, social exploration, anti-crime polices, the political terrain of social control. So criminology involves the factual deeds in the streets, police stations, and courts, behind prison bars, board rooms and battlefields. Its practitioners are likely to slot in(More)
Context: Pregnancy induced hypertension occurs in about 5-10% of pregnancies. Many features of insulin resistance syndrome like hyperinsulinemia and dyslipidemia have been identified in these patients. Aim: To analyse the levels of insulin and lipid profile in patients with pregnancy induced hypertension. Methods: We measured insulin levels and lipid(More)
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