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Information regarding changes in soil condition after reforestation may help in inferring environmental and ecosystem benefits. A case study was undertaken in Victoria State, Australia, to investigate the changes in soil condition after reforestation of a deforested creek bank to infer environmental benefits. The study was conducted at four sites in a large(More)
Reliable information in transit time (TT) derived from transit velocity (TV) for rain or irrigation water to mix with groundwater (GW) and the subsequent discharge to surface water bodies (SWB) is essential to address the issues associated with the transport of nutrients, particularly nitrate, from GW to SWB. The objectives of this study are to (i) compare(More)
The impact of fertilised cropping on nitrate-N dynamics in groundwater (GW) was assessed in a catchment from piezometers installed: (i) to different depths, (ii) in different soil types, (iii) on different positions on landscape, and (iv) compared with the Australian and New Zealand Environmental and Conservation Council guideline values provided for(More)
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