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The paper presents a method for adaptive decomposition of an electrical bio-impedance (BI) signal into two components: cardiac and respiratory. The decomposition of a BI signal is not a trivial process because of the non-stationarity of the signal components and overlapping of their harmonic spectra. An application specific orthonormal basis (ASOB) was(More)
The paper presents an on-line signal processing system for adaptive separation of two infra-low frequency signals: cardiac and respiratory bio-impedance (BI) signals, which are the time varying components of the total BI signal. The separation process of such signals as cardiac and respiratory BI components, is not a trivial filtering due to overlapping of(More)
The paper presents the further development of the bio- impedance signal decomposer (BISD) of the total bio-impedance (BI) signal to its cardiac and respiratory components. The Jacobi orthonormal polynomials based adaptively tunable model of the cardiac BI signal is proposed in the paper, which plays very important role in the decomposition task. The(More)