Vellaisamy Seenivasagam

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Healthcare institutions adapt cloud based archiving of medical images and patient records to share them efficiently. Controlled access to these records and authentication of images must be enforced to mitigate fraudulent activities and medical errors. This paper presents a zero-watermarking scheme implemented in the composite Contourlet Transform(More)
This paper describes a simple logical method to enhance the security in the grid computing. Object Based Grid Architecture (OGA) is a grid architecture based on object oriented concept to enhance the security in grid computing. In the grid environment the data and the process will be a public one since the job is executed on the public connected system and(More)
This paper describes a logical method to enhance security on the grid computing to restrict the misuse of the grid resources. This method is an economic and efficient one to avoid the usage of the special devices. The security issues, techniques and solutions needed to provide a secure grid computing environment are described. A well defined process for(More)
Digital images are widely used in defense, e-governance, medicine, banking, insurance, healthcare, scientific research, weather forecasting etc. Varied applications in these fields demand the secure exchange of digital images that serve as valid document evidences for legal procedures and for clinical, scientific and forensic analysis. These images are(More)
Image segmentation is one of the fundamental approaches of digital image processing . Image Segmentation is a process of partitioning an image into multiple set of pixels to simplify the representation of the image. In the image segmentation field, traditional techniques do not completely meet the segmentation challenges for color images. Soft computing is(More)
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