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Recursive Boolean Formula Minimization Algorithms for Implication Logic
In this paper are given two novel algorithms for minimization of recursive Boolean formula (RBF), which is adequate for implementation of N-input 1-output Boolean functions (BFs) over basis {imply, false}. Expand
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Auctions and iMesh based task assignment in wireless sensor and actuator networks
In this article, auctions are used to improve the recent information mesh (iMesh) based distance sensitive service discovery in wireless sensor and actuator networks, thus improving overall energy efficiency and lifetime of the network. Expand
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Dynamic Power Management of a System With a Two-Priority Request Queue Using Probabilistic-Model Checking
In this paper, we analyze in this context a dynamic-power-management system with the two request priorities of service request queues. Expand
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Robot to Robot
This article proposes auction aggregation protocols (AAPs) for task assignment in multihop wireless robot networks, based on the estimated response cost of its robots, up to fe-hops away. Expand
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Auction Aggregation Protocols for Wireless Robot-Robot Coordination
We propose auction aggregation protocols for task assignment in multi-hop wireless robot networks. Expand
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Greedy Extension of Localized Auction Based Protocols for Wireless Actuator Task Assignment
In this paper we assume that all actuators are mobile and an event was reported to one of the actuators, and a response by one actuator is required. Expand
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Communication Aspects of Coordination in Robot Wireless Networks
We propose auction aggregation protocols for task assignment in multihopwireless robot networks so that the communi-cation cost of selecting the best robot,response time, and cost of performing thetaskareminimized. Expand
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Formal specification of an FPGA based educational microprocessor
The goal of the project Edulent has been to produce specification and design of an educational microcomputer that is simple enough to be implemented on a medium complexity FPGA. Expand
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Chapter 9 Coordination in Sensor , Actuator and Robot Networks
This chapter surveys the existing representative work in both sensor-actuator and actuator-actuator coordination. Sensor-actuator coordination deals with establishing data paths between sensors andExpand
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