Veljko M. Milutinovic

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Extracting and processing information from web pages is an important task in many areas like constructing search engines, information retrieval, and data mining from the Web. Common approach in the extraction process is to represent a page as a “bag of words” and then to perform additional processing on such a flat representation. In this paper we propose a(More)
This paper gives an overview of what the mobile agents are, what they should do and how they can be implemented in Java. Why Java? The choice to concentrate on Java is evoked by many existing solutions in Java that handles architectural heterogeneity between communicating machines on the net. It seems to be the best available language for making mobile(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks remove the dependence on a fixed network infrastructure by treating every available mobile node as an intermediate switch, thereby extending the range of mobile nodes well beyond that of their base transceivers. We present four manet routing algorithms along with a hybrid approach, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and(More)
Standard techniques for a web page classification usually take a simple text-based approach, in which most of the information provided by the visual layout of a page is discarded. In our work we propose a new classification approach based on the visual layout analyses, conducted before implementing standard classification techniques. A page is represented(More)