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The expansion of the ventricular CSF-white matter boundary over time is of interest in short term serial MRI because of its high contrast and high rate of change. We examined magnitudes and patterns of ventricular expansion rate in cognitively normal elderly without (N=34) and with (N=18) lacunes, and in 18 Alzheimer's patients without lacunes, using(More)
An evoked potential is the recorded brain electrical response to a stimulus such as an auditory click. In most evoked potential experiments, the response is studied as a function of covariates such as stimulus characteristics and drug states. We propose a frequency domain model of multichannel evoked potential data that includes parameters representing the(More)
Between 1 January and 31 July 1992 a cholera epidemic caused 548 reported cases (an incidence of about 8 cases per 1,000 inhabitants) in Riohacha, Colombia. Following an initial review of hospital and laboratory data, a cross-sectional household survey and case-control study were conducted to investigate this epidemic. The cross-sectional survey found an(More)
Objective: To establish the prevalence of neonatal respiratory depression in patients exposed to intrathecal fentanyl during Cesarean section. Methods: Cross-sectional Analytical Observational Retrospective Study conducted at the Mother and Child Clinic of the Saludcoop Corporation in patients undergoing C-section who received intrathecal fentanyl for(More)
Professional nurses are challenged by the increasing complexity of their own healthcare delivery systems and by the growing interconnectivity of healthcare systems worldwide. There are increasing calls for practice across boundaries; however, the role and scope of nursing practice within individual countries are often unclear, ill-defined, and misunderstood(More)
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