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Energy consumption and economic growth for selected OECD countries: Further evidence from the Granger causality test in the frequency domain
This paper aims to reexamine the causal relationship between energy consumption and economic growth for 20 OECD countries. To that end, we employ a Granger causality test in the frequency domainExpand
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Tourism development and economic growth: a panel Granger causality analysis in the frequency domain
In this paper, we test the causal relationship between economic growth and tourism development in the 1995–2012 period using recently developed panel Granger causality tests that allow forExpand
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Convergence in Per Capita Carbon Dioxide Emissions Among G7 Countries: A TAR Panel Unit Root Approach
The subject of this paper is the examination the convergence of per capita carbon dioxide emissions of the G7 countries during the 1960–2005 period in a nonlinear panel analysis framework. In thisExpand
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Testing the environmental Kuznets curve for G7 countries: evidence from a bootstrap panel causality test in rolling windows
The Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis is a theoretical proposition explicating the link between a locality’s income level and environmental degradation. Previous studies estimated the currentExpand
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Does economic globalization have predictive power for ecological footprint in MENA counties? A panel causality test with a Fourier function
Recently, there has been renewed interest in the relationship between economic globalization and environmental pollution since various globalization indices are developed. Although several attemptsExpand
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Are tourism markets of Turkey converging or not? A Fourier stationary analysis
The main aim of this paper is to investigate the convergence hypothesis of Turkey's tourism markets over the period January 1996–December 2010. We employ a recently introduced Fourier stationary testExpand
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Purchasing power parity in African countries: further evidence from Fourier unit root tests based on linear and nonlinear models
This paper examines the validity of purchasing power parity hypothesis for 33 African countries using recently developed Fourier unit root tests by Christopoulos and Leon-Ledesma that account for theExpand
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A stochastic convergence analysis for selected East Asian and Pacific countries: A Fourier unit root test approach
The main aim of this study is to analyze stochastic convergence dynamics for selected East Asian and Pacific countries over the period 1960–2010, using a recently introduced unit root test with aExpand
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Turk Sermaye Piyasasinda Fiyat ve Islem Hacmi Iliskisi: Zamanla Degisen Asimetrik Nedensellik Analizi
Bu calisma, Turk sermaye piyasasinda hisse senedi fiyatlari ile islem hacmi arasindaki nedensellik iliskisini gunluk veriler araciligiyla 1990-2012 donemi icin arastirmaktadir. Literaturdeki oncekiExpand
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