Veli Tuomivaara

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BACKGROUND Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in subjects with craniofacial fractures are usually diagnosed by emergency room physicians. We investigated how often TBI remains unrecorded in these subjects, and whether diagnostic accuracy has improved after the implementation of new TBI guidelines. METHODS All subjects with craniofacial fractures admitted to(More)
AIMS To define the alcohol-related risk for head traumas and to compare the weekly and monthly variations in alcohol consumption, and the occurrence of head traumas in a population with heavy episodic drinking as the prevailing drinking pattern. METHODS All consecutive admissions due to head trauma into a Finnish city hospital during 1 year (1999) were(More)
Automated methods are required for the analysis of brain single photon emission tomography images. We applied an automated method to assess the benzodiazepine receptor distribution in the brain. Images of 19 patients with mild traumatic brain injury who had received I NNC 13-8241 were compared with a mean brain template accumulated from 18 healthy(More)
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