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In this paper, we use a Markov model to develop a product form solution to efficiently analyze the throughput of arbitrary topology multihop packet radio networks that employ a carrier sensing multiple access (CSMA) protocol with perfect capture. We consider both exponential l and nonexponential packet length distributions. Our method preserves the(More)
Spurred on by the current trends in standard interfaces and recent advances in intelligent network capabilities, TMN models and other corresponding integrated management systems for OSI-based environments have begun to spring up in the market. TMN is a set of CCITT (now ITU-T) recommendatlons to provide an organized network structure to achieve the(More)
The sixth biennial IEEE / IFIP 1998 Network Operations and Management Symposium, NOMS ’ 98, was held in New Orleans, February 15±20, 1998. The theme for NOMS ’ 98 was a Management for the New Millenniumo focusing on the key role that integrated management plays in planning and developing National and Global Information Infrastructures (NII/GII) that cross(More)
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