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Ghrelin and obestatin are a single gene products and are a multiple functional peptides that regulates energy homeostasis, and food intake. In the present work, we studied the secretion of ghrelin and its co-secreted peptide obestatin in 44 patients with ischemic heart disease with that of 27 healthy matched controls. Here we first conducted using an(More)
We investigated the effects of clopidogrel on reperfusion and inflammatory process in STEMI. A total of 175 STEMI patients with similar clinical characteristics were included to this study. One was the standard pharmacological reperfusion therapy group (group 1, n : 90), who received 300 mg aspirin, 70 U/kg bolus, and 12 U/kg/hr continuous infusion of(More)
STUDY DESIGN Retrospective study. PURPOSE To identify the incidence of congenital cardiac abnormalities in patients who had scoliosis and underwent surgical treatment for scoliosis. OVERVIEW OF LITERATURE Congenital and idiopathic scoliosis (IS) are associated with cardiac abnormalities. We sought to establish and compare the incidence of congenital(More)
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