Veli N. Stroetmann

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The concepts and architecture underlying a large-scale integrating project funded within the 7th EU Framework Programme (FP7) are discussed. The main objective of the project is to build a tool that will have a significant impact for the monitoring and the control of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistances in Europe; This will be realized by(More)
The purpose of this EU funded project is to describe a short and medium term Research and Deployment Roadmap for Semantic Interoperability in e-health. It started by defining 4 levels and 3 dimensions for Semantic Interoperability. The vision is to reconcile the needs for the direct patient care safety, biomedical and clinical research and for public health(More)
In integrative biomedical research, methods assessing the clinical or even socio-economic impact of more complex technologies such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based tools for modelling and simulation of human physiology have rarely been applied. The EU funded Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human (VPHOP) research project, part of(More)
The HealthGrid White Paper was published at the third annual conference in Oxford in 2005. Starting from the conclusions of the White Paper, the EU funded SHARE project ( has aimed at identifying the most important steps and significant milestones towards wide deployment and adoption of healthgrids in Europe. The project has defined(More)
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